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Monstrous Discount! 12711 hits
Monster Island

Prices on all Monster Island PDF products have been permanently slashed to $1.99 for each of the three core books, Monster Island, Escape from Monster Island, and Invasion of Monster Island, and 99 cents each for all other products in the line.

Our print Monster Island and Escape from Monster Island books are now out of print, and those store pages have been disabled. We do not expect to reprint these books, though we do still hope to someday produce a second edition.
Written by: Patrick Sweeney
Friday, May 13, 2011
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By Request! Monster Island Product Support Now Available! 15776 hits
Monster Island

Interest still runs high for our evergreen Monster Island family of games. Due to time constraints during the rebuild of the site, we were not able to get the various items of Monster Island product support online. However, this has not entirely been a bad thing since one of the fans of the game made it clear that he missed these support files and wondered what happened to them.

So, by Customer Request, we have made the support files available again in our Product Support area! Enjoy!

Written by: Keith W. Sears
Saturday, June 20, 2009
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