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Start :: Product Forums :: OG: Unearthed Edition :: Session report: Rusty GM plus children new to RPGs...will it work? Yes!

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Session report: Rusty GM plus children new to RPGs...will it work? Yes!

KevinTMC Posted: 03.12.2010, 14:34

registered: Feb. 2010
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OG: Unearthed Edition play session report, Part I:

This past weekend, I played Og for the first time, having purchased the game a few weeks ago. (Unfortunately, the paper copy and dragon dice are still missing in action...thank goodness I bought the bundle that included the instantly downloadable PDF as well!)

I loved the concept, enjoyed reading through the book, gained enough of a grasp of the rules and collected enough ideas about play that I felt I could get us started, and so was very much looking forward to playing. But I also was a little nervous.

You see, joining two of us RPG-veteran (though extremely rusty) adults at the table would be two children, ages 12 and 10, who had never played a pen-and-paper RPG, and in fact weren't really sure what one was. Also, one of them, the girl, is not necessarily the most patient person in the world, and often decides to just watch for a bit and then go off and do something else when we break out the board games.

Oh, and the person who was to GM (me) may have played and enjoyed a number of RPGs back in the day...but that was a very long time ago, and even back then I very rarely was the one sitting behind the GM's screen.

I didn't know how it would go exactly...but as it turned out, we had a ball.

Early in the weekend I mentioned the game and let the boy start reading through the rules. He liked the sound of it all very much, even if he still didn't quite fully grasp how such a game would be played. Once we had other weekend tasks and appointments out of the way and he'd had a chance to read up through the bestiary, he was eager to get started.

I got out a sheet of drawing paper and some pencils and crayons, and drew a ridgeline and a cave to get the map of our caveman environment started. All four of us enjoyed contributing a feature here and a feature there; the kiddos also ransacked the playroom for animal figurines and plastic foliage and such to set on top of the map, and soon it was all quite crowded.

We then generated characters. The girl decided she'd prefer to go off and do something else for a bit, so I rolled up a character that I could play along with my GM-ing duties, as a party of two seemed like it would be just too small. Further rifling through the toy room followed, as we each sought some sort of figurine we could use to represent the characters. (Girl cavemen wound up being Polly Pockets.)

I then introduced one of the extremely elaborate scenarios laid out in the rules; "You wake up. You're in your cave. You're hungry. There's no food. What do you want to do?"

The two adults' cavemen decided they should go out and hunt. The boy--having apparently decided from the start that his caveman would be a bit antisocial, a bit psycho, and extraordinarily dumb--decided that his caveman would go back to sleep. The other two tried to wake which point he tried to Bang them so they would leave him alone. However, one character's Intimidate skill plus another's Lift skill eventually got the caveman--now dubbed "Sleep Thing" by his tribemates--out of the cave.

to be continued...
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michael Posted: 03.13.2010, 19:46


registered: Dec. 2007
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Very cool! I look forward to hearing the rest!

FWIW: I have a Yahoo Group for OG:

I'm also currently adapting a minature game for OG you might be interested in.

PS: I lost my dinosaur dice too! I had to order more! ;)
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KevinTMC Posted: 03.16.2010, 15:06

registered: Feb. 2010
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Session report, Part II:

Once Sleep Thing was dragged out of the cave, the party set off in the direction of a nearby lake, thinking they might give fishing a try. However, due to some good pathfinding rolls, the existence of some animals on the map between the cave and the lake, the GM wanting to cut these brand-new characters a break, and finally some successful tiptoe rolls, the cavemen wound up getting the drop on and surrounding a group of three non-threatening Diprotodons.

It took a while for the party to drop even one of the Diprotodons; thankfully they had great difficulty escaping, as the surrounded animals didn't always have an opening to get away, and had a knack for spectacularly failing their Run Away rolls when there was an opening. The two least wounded did get away in the end; by then, the cavemen were making sure to keep the other one around with liberal use of the Grab combat add-on.

It wasn't a simple task to get the freshly-killed food back to the cave, as characters kept failing Lift rolls, as well as their efforts to Build something they might be able to carry it home in. This led to some confusion, as we weren't quite sure what to do once everyone had already failed at more than one possible solution to the problem. Just rolling over and over until you get the number you want would seem kinda pointless, allowing any caveman to eventually accomplish anything so long as there was no hungry predator nearby or some other serious time pressure. (Maybe I should have seen that as my cue to concoct some time pressure...) Instead, I decided as GM that we could allow a separate set of Lift rolls that represented two cavemen trying to bring the carcass home together...and one of those joint efforts succeeded brilliantly, solving the dilemma.

Back at the cave, the tribe happily started reducing the carcass to chunks of meat, and one of the party successfully figured out how to Cook it; and as this latter succeeded brilliantly, I decided that it had been cooked skillfully and thoroughly enough that the meat would not only be tastier than the raw stuff, but would also keep better, making it an excellent trade good. A trade good which would come in useful, because as the tribe was finishing their meal, an elder came up to the female member of our party and managed to convey that she should travel to a different cave, up on the plateau above this cave and its ridge, and find herself someone she could make baby cavemen with.

A considerable quantity of meat was packed for travel in a bag of Diprotodon hide tied up with some tendons (our caveman with the Build skill came through this time); Sleep Thing was once again successfully dragged out of the cave thanks to Intimidate and Lift skills, and off the party went once again.

to be continued...

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KevinTMC Posted: 03.26.2010, 15:10

registered: Feb. 2010
Posts: 11

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Session Report, Part III

To get up to the plateau, the party would have to travel along the base of the ridge and skirt the edge of a forest to get to a climbable area (what we wound up referring to as "the steps", but were not of course actual stairs of any sort). Everyone reached the forested area fine, thanks to good Exploring and Tiptoeing and Running Away.

The "steps" were close at hand, with only one more ape standing in their way...when one of the party stumbled and went crashing into some brush. The ape's attention was attracted. As two cavemen stepped forward cautiously and prepared to fight their way through to the steps, Sleep Thing ran away screaming.

The others decided the thing to do was to first deal with the ape--which was already engaging them--then try to find their tribemate. As it was just one ape, and it proved not terribly talented at biting, this was a fairly simple matter and was over quickly.

Not so quickly, however, that Sleep Thing didn't have time to get into trouble. In his panic, and with pathfinding not being a particular specialty of his even when calm, he spotted a dark alcove of some sort in the face of the ridge and ran into it, thinking it was the entrance to his home cave. He was, however, still well short of home; and this was not in fact the entrance to a proper cave at all. He was, however, correct in believing it to be somebody's home.

Or rather, something's: a giant spider, whose web was expertly placed to ensnare any creature that might run heedlessly into the alcove. And fortunately for the spider, "heedless" was Sleep Thing's middle name...or would be, if any of his tribe knew the word "heedless".

Sleep Thing struggled to extricate himself from the web, but only wound up more securely ensnared. He struggled to fight the spider, but failed to make a dent in its Unggghh points. When the spider bit him, he struggled to shake off the effects of the venom; again, he failed. The one thing he did succeed at was in killing enough time--without being entirely killed himself--for his companions to arrive at the scene after their ape encounter. Well, that and also in howling loudly enough that they had little trouble finding him.

Once the other two arrived, some Luring and Lifting/Shoving were called for to get the spider off of Sleep Thing and extract him from the trap, and then some Running Away to get the party out of the alcove and headed back in the direction of the steps.

Which they reached without further incident and, after some fits and starts and tumbling and falling, all managed to eventually climb. Then it was off across the plateau, towards the cave of the other tribe.

to be continued...
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